Woman Gets Tattoo of 152 Facebook Friends (UPDATED)

Your Facebook obsession is healthy by comparison

If you’ve ever feared becoming too obsessed with Facebook, know that there’s at least one person who will probably have you beat forever. A woman in the Netherlands is making sure that she stays connected to her friends. Permanently.

YouTube user Susyj87 has had 152 of her Facebook friends’ profile pictures tattooed on her arm. She said that the process, in which each photo was tattooed in full color, took several months—and she even posted video of the process.

"Of course I gave it a lot of thought," she said on her YouTube page. "These are not all my friends. Just the people I care most about. I got their permission and they were very proud to be on it. To me it represents who I am right now and the time we live in. And of course I love the looks of it."

Now, let’s just hope that none of them unfriend her.


UPDATE: It seems that the whole thing was actually a hoax.


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