Woman Allegedly Canned From ‘Unnamed News Program’ For Trying to Snag Interview With Prince Harry

So,  an“Unnamed News Program” fires people for “unauthorized” emails to the Royal Press Secretary of Great Britain?

Please someone get in touch with us and let us know if employees at seasoned, respected news stations around Washington really must get permission from their bosses before sending email, because that’s essentially what a Tumblr post written by an alleged former UNP employee claims. It’s called: “I Got Fired and Somehow the World Hasn’t Ended…”

“Lala” wrote that three months after leaving New York City and heading to Arlington, Va. to work for UNP, her world turned upside down.  She explained, “On May 17th, I hit a speed bump when I got fired from my new job. No, not laid off. Fired. And I can’t help but wonder: is this what happens when we take risks? Should I, going forward, expect to be punished for moving outside my comfort zone and trying to do what’s in my heart?”

It gets worse.

“The on-paper reason I got fired was that I sent an unauthorized email to the Royal Press Secretary of Great Britain (yes, basically I got fired for trying to email my soul mate Prince Harry—please, laugh, it’s pretty amusing). The actual reason, however, was that my boss was a mean-spirited woman who didn’t like me because I told her she needed to stop being condescending and rude to me. Here’s the long and the short of it:

My boss—let’s call her “Becky”—seemed as though she was not on my side from the moment I got to Unnamed News Program. She wasn’t the person that hired me; the guy who hired me actually had left before I started my job, and Becky had taken his place. While the guy who hired me seemed pretty excited to have me on board, Becky seemed not as thrilled. Becky publicly chastised me, threw things at me when no one was looking, and made fun of me behind my back.” 

It’s one-sided obviously, so we don’t know what “Lala” was really like at work or whether or not her firing was deserved. No workplace could really be as uptight and hostile as the one she describes, right? Surely, not even UNP. Washington media outlets don’t take themselves this super seriously, do they?

Oh… wait. Never mind.

The best part about it though, seems to be that “Lala” is really trying to learn something, anything from the situation. There is one thing we do take issue with, though, especially after reading that “Lala’s” boss threw things at her:

“The thing is, though, that even in the face of this situation, I can’t quite bring myself to be really angry or upset,” she writes.

If everything “Lala” says is true, well, we’d not only have been “really angry” and “upset”—we’d have been filing police reports and calling lawyers. On the other hand, there may be holes in Layla’s story. She writes that “Becky” made it clear that she didn’t want to be her friend. Earth to “Layla:” Your boss is not your “friend” and shouldn’t be someone you’re seeking to party with or even go to Zumba with after work.

On the other hand, after threatening to firing her, according to her, they put her on a steep three-week probation in which “Lala” acted like a “paranoid nutterbutter” and even asked her boss if she could use the bathroom. Soon though, they sifted through her work emails and found one she’d sent to the Royal Household Press Secretary asking if Prince Harry could visit the studio. “Upon further research, it became apparent that I hadn’t asked for permission to send this email, which was, as the Deputy EP exclaimed, ‘a diplomatic nightmare!'” wrote “Lala.”

The Royal Press Secretary apparently wrote back and politely declined the offer. No matter, “Lala” was and still is toast at UNP.

Whether fictional or true, our favorite part of her writeup is where she allegedly tells the HR lady to s**k her d**k.

“After attempting to listen to the HR Lady tell me yet again why I was getting fired—you know, because I’m so dumb I didn’t really understand it the first time—I’d had enough. I believe my exact words to her at that point were, ‘Lady, I know why I got fired. Now I’m gonna tell you something: you’re the kind of HR person that gives HR employees all over the world a bad name. So why don’t you just s-my-d, finish filling out my paper work, and let me move on with my life.’ She was hardly thrilled, but I didn’t hear another word out of her. It’s the little victories in situations like these.”