Woman Buys A Facebook Job Ad And Sort Of Gets Her Wish

Marian Schembari really wanted to get into publishing. “Like, a lot.” (her words) But after three months of jobsearching with no results, she decided to try something different. Last August, she bought a Facebook ad with her picture on it and set it to only display to people working at her target companies, in this case, HarperCollins, Random House, Penguin, Rodale, Macmillan, and so on. For about $150 she got her ad to run on Facebook for two weeks.

Pretty quickly she attracted the attention of Debbie Stier, associate publisher of HarperStudio and director of digital marketing at HarperCollins, who blogged about Schembari in a post called “Will Somebody in Publishing Please Hire This Woman, And Why I Think Hyper-Targeted Internet Ads Are A Fine Price to Pay for Getting to Use Facebook For Free.”

More publicity followed, but according to Schembari the results were mostly “great job, but we’re not hiring.” So she decided to start a blog and get on Twitter: “One month later and I’m employed.”

Except she didn’t get a job at HarperCollins, Random House, Penguin, Rodale, or Macmillan. “A woman at Rodale saw my ad,” she wrote, “e-mailed me and thought I should consider book publicity. She passed my resume on to an old employer who ran a book PR firm. One thing led to another and I’m now in my third week as an associate publicist at Jane Wesman Public Relations.

Jane Wesman is a book PR house, and a good one at that (as far as we know). But isn’t this story kind of like wanting to be a basketball star and ending up as a sportswriter or coach? Or wanting to be a chef and ending up doing PR campaigns for other chefs?

We don’t know. Obviously, after more than three months of searching you’re going to be happy with any job, especially a decent one like this. But did Facebook help Schembari land her dream job? Not sure.

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