Wolverine Posts A Skin Cancer Prevention Message to Instagram

The "X-Men" star spread the word after his own brush with skin cancer.

Campaigns that build awareness about prevention and research into a disease are usually elaborate and loud. And rightfully so. A good cause deserves lots of attention.

The pink ribbons that mark the fight against breast cancer are ubiquitous and, at this point, known by everyone. The yellow bands of the Livestrong organization not only drive support for the organization’s cause, but have become something of a fashion statement. And even without Jerry Lewis, the annual telethon to raise money to fight muscular dystrophy raised $61.5 million over Labor Day.

But perhaps all it takes is an Instagram from a superhero to spread the word.

Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine aka yesssss, posted a photo with a bandage on his nose explaining that his wife Deb told him to get a spot checked. It turns out that it was basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

“Please don’t be foolish like me. Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!” he wrote in the accompanying note.

Since posting yesterday, the post has gotten 22,200 likes and has been picked up across media. He has 231,000 followers on Instagram. That’s big-time exposure.

According to the New York Daily News, there are 2.8 million diagnosed cases of basal cell carcinoma diagnosed each year. If the Skin Cancer Foundation is smart, they will contact Jackman ASAP to find out of he’d be interested in speaking about prevention on a more formal basis.

Once again, we see how the mix of celebrity and social media generates attention. On top of that, you have this message coming from one of our most well-liked and talented celebrities. (He also posted a tap routine on his Instagram a couple of days ago and he’s good! About to watch Les Miserables on Netflix.)

Besides catching him on Broadway in “Big Fish,” we’ll see him next month on TV when he’s host of the annual Christmas in Washington concert.