From 544 F-Words to Five Oscar Nominations

HillScorseseWolfMore than a few departed members of Hollywood’s Golden Age, if somehow magically revived and transported to the present, would likely utter a “WTF?” But as a sign of our more permissive times and Tinseltown’s greater tolerance of profanity than overseas markets, The Wolf of Wall Street scored five major Oscar nominations this morning.

The latest Martin ScorseseLeonardo DiCaprio opus is now also a Wolf of Wilshire Blvd., claiming nods for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor and Adapted Screenplay.Ceremony host Ellen De Generes is already saying her comedy thank you’s.

The number of times the F-word is uttered in Wolf was the subject of some recent media debate. Thankfully, the matter was put to authoritative rest via a Slate investigation by Forrest Wickman.

One of the major benefits of Wolf‘s awards season run, to continue now through March 2, is that it will afford us the opportunity to read many more genuine, entertaining, golly-gee interviews with Best Supporting Actor nominee Jonah Hill. The Canadian-born performer has been one of the most consistently entertaining talkers on the 2013 awards circuit. Here’s a snippet from an interview published on IAmRogue ahead of this morning’s awards announcement:

Rob Reiner was there a lot [on set], which was great. One day I got to just by circumstance sit and hang out for like an hour and a half with Robbie Robertson from The Band, Scorsese and Rob Reiner. It was like one of the greatest days ever because I just got to sit and hear these guys talk about their work.”

Steven Spielberg came one day while we were working and sat behind the monitors. You would go get notes and the two of them would be behind the monitors together and it was the most surreal, amazing thing you could ever imagine.”

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