Wolf Sits Down With New Hampshire Magazine

Easily the most interesting Q&A exchange with Wolf Blitzer ever:

    RB: Name one difference between New Hampshire and Vermont.

    WB: I know Ben & Jerry’s is a big one in Vermont. So New Hampshire is not Ben & Jerry’s. I know they’re both lovely states and they’re next to each other.

    RB: True, Ben & Jerry’s is not New Hampshire.

    WB: Vermont’s got the maple syrup.

    RB: We do too.

    WB: But not as famous as Vermont. Why do they get all the credit for the maple syrup? Enquiring minds want to know.

    RB: Perhaps your answer that New Hampshire is not Ben & Jerry’s is adequate (laughter).

    WB: Is Ben & Jerry’s allowed in New Hampshire?

    RB: We have our own famous dairy product company: Stonyfield Yogurt.

    WB: I like that — I buy that all the time — in fact, I’m going to open up this little refrigerator in front of me [opens refrigerator]. I’ve got a low-fat blueberry yogurt, made in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I want your people to know this.

He also chats with Johns Hopkins’ alumni magazine here.