Wolf Blitzes the Late Late Show With Near-Perfect Middle Eastern Pronunciation

“The Late Late Show” welcomed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last week with host Craig Ferguson praising him as the “Great American Journalist.”

Traditionally, late late shows are supposed to be the chance where news folk get to show another, more humorous side. Unless, of course, the conversation is unrest in Libya. One good line in an otherwise newsy conversation: Talking about how the situation could affect oil prices in America, Ferguson joked, “Prius drivers are going to be even more smug than they are now.” Wolf agreed. “They will be,” he said. He doesn’t drive a Prius, and didn’t give hints as to what car he drives. But FishbowlDC knows at least what he has driven. An ex-valet who  parked Wolf’s black Lexus two years ago tells us the CNN host is a good tipper.

Wolf, who appeared on Monday’s show, tried to steer the discussion away from the Middle East, asking where the show’s orchestra was, clearly wishing he was on a real late night show with a band. But Ferguson made a quick joke and went straight to Saudi Arabia…

If only Ferguson had, say, asked Wolf to do the Dougie, the interview could have been saved. We know the anchor can be funny if given the chance. But Ferguson wasn’t interested.

No light-hearted subjects in sight. Wolf touched on attacks on journalists in recent weeks: “These were thugs who thought that the journalists – you know, they were told these are traitors, these are instigators, these are spies or whatever – so they went after them.” He mentioned Anderson Cooper and CBS’ Lara Logan, saying what happened to her was “really bad.”

For the second segment, the interview took a “lighter” turn. If by light we mean they talked North Korea and Burundi and then it was done.

One quick note: Wolf’s pronunciation of Bahrain was spectacular. Really authentically Middle Eastern-sounding. Watch the interview here.