Wolf Blitzer Becomes ‘Wold Blitzer’

It’s so unfortunate when you’re writing about other people’s errors and you create one of your own. Even worse is when the site on which you’re creating that additional error in regards to another person’s error is called “Regret the Error.”

You follow?

So here’s what happened.The Web site, “Regret the Error”, wrote up an item about how CNN’s Wolf Blitzer ran a correction on a graphic that ran on CNN.

“We had a graphic on the screen that said “department of jihad” followed by a question mark and many of you tweeted me that you found that graphic to be offensive. I agree, it was. The graphic referenced a video produced by Liz Cheney’s organization “Keep America Safe.” Their video features those words on screen questioning the loyalty of justice department attorneys who had previously worked on behalf of Guantanamo detainees. CNN had no intention of suggesting that the Justice Department supports terrorism. Lawyers at the Justice Department are patriotic Americans and we certainly regret any confusion that may have been caused by our graphic.”

But then a correction arose Monday on “Regret the Error” on the correction to the headline, “Wolf Blitzer Offers up Correction”, which was originally written: “Wold Blitzer Offers up Correction”.

We’re not certain what Blitzer is doing in this photograph, but it looks like he may be regretting something (or just fixing his makeup).

P.S. If I created any further errors here in this post, which would be a serious shame since there would then be an error within an error within an error, I know our citizen journalist Daniel Lippman will let me know. Pronto.