Wolf Blitzer: A Mood Disorder? Whatever That is.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tried in vain during the 6 p.m. hour tonight to get to the bottom of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s “mood disorder.” With Newt Gingrich and Jesse Jackson Sr. on live to discuss the movie theater killing spree, Wolf took the opportunity to slyly press Jackson Sr. on his son’s condition.

While Jackson Sr. dodged any details on what his son’s “mood disorder” is, he did say his son would return to Congress. “He’s going through an awful lot of pain,” he said. “I feel now that he is regaining his strength slowly, so I ask people to pray for him and our for our family.” Asked when and if Jackson Jr. would return to Congress, Sr. said, “There’s no timetable for regaining his strength, but at this point he’s coming back.”

Wolf fell all over himself, profusely thanking Jackson for being on the program. But what does a mood disorder entail? He still didn’t know and made it plain in his final remark on it. “Please wish him a speedy recovery our best wishes,” Wolf gushed. “I think I speak for all of our viewers, we hope he comes back strong, robust and whatever he’s going through and we’re not sure what it is, we hope he comes out strong.”

Thanks Wolf! We’re glad you made it clear that Jackson hadn’t actually answered the question.