WobZIP lets you uncompress compressed files online

Times indeed have changed our dear readers. Whereas before you can only unzip compressed files after installing a “decompressing software” into your PC, but now you can do the same task online without installing additional software. This comes in handy when you’re using a public computer (say at school or public library) which don’t allow users to install software in the public PCs. WobZIP is one of these online service which lets you do that task.

WobZIP works pretty much straighforward. You can upload the zip file into the WobZIP server before the application uncompress it or you can direct WobZIP to the URL where the compressed files reside. After uploading the files or pointing WobZIP to the URL, it will then proceed with unzipping it. In a jiffy, you’ll have you uncompressed file.

Just a few reminders before you start using WobZIP. It works for files up to 100MB size and it works with almost all the compress file formats around. It also has a Facebook application for those who are curious to know. Aside from that, there’s nothing much you need to know. Go ahead and try WobZIPing yor files now.

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