WNYW Reporter Mistakenly Adds Extra Bells and Whistles to New iPhone

When Apple talks, everyone listens. When the Silicon Valley powerhouse unveils its latest product, the world is mesmerized.

WNYW/Channel 5 reporter Lidia Curanaj did a story last night showing the throngs camped out at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue waiting to purchase their new iPhone. However, it turned into a faux pas of major proportions. Our sister site TVSpy says Curanaj pointed to the new iPhone features, including lasers and a hologram, both of which are not part of the upgraded smartphone.

Then to make the point even clearer, Channel 5 showed taped video of an apparent prototype iPhone 5 from Aatma studios, complete with a laser keyboard and hologram.

Text of the story was corrected on the WNYW Website.

“One clarification: the iPhone 5 will not have features such as holographic imaging and laser keyboard as depicted in a YouTube video and reported by Fox 5 News on September 17, 2012.”

TVSpy has more on the story including that YouTube clip.