WNYC Creates ‘Audiograms’ for Social Media

Very cool.

In an effort to make radio more shareable on social media, WNYC has created a tool called audiograms, which essentially turns an audio file into a video file.

It’s a smart move by WNYC, because there really is no easy way share radio clips on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. Here’s an example:

WNYC’s social media director Delaney Simmons rightly pointed out to Nieman Lab that on social media, it’s best to keep things short and sweet.

“People on social media are always scrolling through their news feeds looking for the next thing, and after we took a look at the backend analytics [for that episode], we decided the shorter, the better: Get people in, get people out, give people the best piece of content you can at the time, and hopefully they’re going to find it really interesting and engaging,” explained Simmons.