WNBC Website Sees Big Jump, Network Says



NBC Local Media, which owns websites to promote its 10 largest “O&Os” in the country, announced today they are seeing a double-digit audience jump for the sites.

Among the sites, of course, is the WNBC page—nbcnewyork.com.

From August 2009 to August 2010, monthly page views have grown 32 percent to 112 million, with monthly unique visits up 20 percent to 12 million. Total visits, as you’d expect, is also on the increase, jumping 15 percent to 15 million for the 10 sites. Users now average eight page views per visit—that’s a 33 percent boost from a year earlier.

Greg Scholl, NBC Local Media president of local platforms, says the Facebook explosion has helped their online fortunes.  

“It’s encouraging to see such strong site performance, and especially as it relates to our social media gains.”

To that end, the network says that in the past year, the percentage of online traffic generated from Facebook and Twitter referrals grew from under 2 percent to over 8 percent.

Less than two years ago, NBC Local Media re-launched the 10 local sites to enhance their TV newscasts by providing additional coverage, and using social media platforms.