WJLA Reporter Sues PG County


    Channel 7/WJLA reporter Andrea McCarren has filed a lawsuit against Prince George’s County for “violating her constitutional rights.” McCarren was detained (left) and injured by Prince George’s County police officers in April 2005. She and a WJLA photographer had been investigating a story about alleged misuse of government resources. McCarren and her photographer were surrounded by nine county police cars and up to a dozen officers with weapons drawn. Her complaint alleged that officers held McCarren, who did not resist, at gunpoint while they forcibly restrained her arms. She suffered a partially dislocated shoulder as officers allegedly manhandled her during the incident. The journalists were never charged with a crime. According to a 4/16 statement from McCarren’s attorney, the county acknowledged, nine months after the incident, that two officers were disciplined, although the nature of that action was never divulged. “The people of Prince George’s County deserve better than this from their government,” said McCarren, a 15-year veteran at WJLA. “If a journalist can be subjected to an illegal stop in broad daylight and is unable to get any documentation of the incident, how can the citizens of Prince George’s County expect to be treated?” McCarren is on leave from WJLA until September. This summer, she will teach a broadcast journalism course at Harvard…..