WJLA Puts Middle Finger In Weather Report

Since when did WJLA go all Gawker on us?

This morning a headline on a weather story reads, “D.C. Weather Monday: The heat will make you want to die — StormWatch 7.” The lede further drives the point of the weather inferno home: “Heat wave today? This is more like a heat middle finger.”

A reader writes in, “Am I the only one who finds this headline/article a bit Gawkerish for WJLA?”

Details in the story by John Metcalfe also strike a piercing note — “The gates of hell are swinging open in D.C., releasing high temperatures that will feel above 100 degrees.” Or the more vivid “air that sticks to the skin like boiling peanut butter.”

Read the delightfully hellish story here.

We salute you for this WJLA.