Wizard Magazine To Relaunch As Wizard World On February 23rd

Ron Richards of iFanboy interviewed Gareb Shamus, former head of the now defunct Wizard Magazine and the future boss at Wizard World, a digital-only magazine that’s due to launch next week. This new publication will be freely available on its website, and it will also be distributed on the iPad and also through digital comics distributors.

Gareb: It’s going to be free, and it’s going to be weekly, and it’s going to be available everywhere. So however people are going to want to read it, whether it’s through their iPad, they’re going to be able to read it online, they’re going to be able to read it through a bunch of different mobile devices. They’re going to be able to read it through programs through applications like Graphic.ly, and through a lot of the other ones, whether it’s Comixology or other platforms.  Our intent is to work with everybody to get it everywhere. Because for us, we want the product to continue to be ubiquitous the way the products I’ve created in the past have been.

Unfortunately, there were a couple topics not mentioned in the interview that really should have been covered. Wizard Magazine didn’t exactly die a quiet death. According to one former employee who wanted to remain anonymous, the magazine announced that it was ceasing publication late one Friday night, and that the new digital magazine had moved to new offices. Some of the details that employee reproted about how the old magazine was run raise doubts about the ethics of the managers.  If the new digital magazine was run at all like what this guy says, there’s a good chance that Wizard World will shortly go belly up.  It was not well run before, and there’s no sign that this has changed.

via  iFanboy