With Waf Waf the Dog, French Developer Adictiz Brings Punting Game to English Audiences

Waf Waf the Dog

A charming French Facebook game called Paf le Chien, from developer Adictiz, has made our top 20 charts several times over the last few months. Now, it’s available in English. Here’s our review.

Loosely translated, it means “Paf the Dog,” except that “paf” is a French onomatopoeia for the sound made when hitting something; the English version is available as Waf Waf the Dog, and it’s actually a collection of three mini-games.

As odd as that translation sounds, it makes a lot of sense. The object of the original Paf le Chien, was a lot like the Facebook app, KickMania! which we covered more than a year ago. Basically, players line up their foot and directly using the motion of the mouse, punt poor Paf (or Waf Waf, whichever name you prefer) into the air.

Paf GoodsEvidently, this goofy looking dog is rather aerodynamic as he flies quite fluidly and bounces surprisingly well. The object is to send le chien as far as possible in one shot, using what looks to be geese to spring him farther. Assuming one doesn’t land smack into a brick wall (which is amusing in its own right), Paf will continue to soar and bounce along until friction and gravity have run their respective courses.

As players kick Paf farther, new items unlock to increase the effectives and style of the dog’s flight and include kamikaze goggles, wings, and even some dynamite. Of course, if you’re having trouble, you can always purchase the items directly.

RevengeIn addition to this dog-punting game, the Waf Waf app also comes with The Real Revenge of Waf Waf the Dog and Waf Waf Skateboarding. The former is somewhat similar to Paf le Chien, but rather than a guy kicking the dog, the roles are reversed with this mean-spirited man sitting, unwittingly upon a seesaw.

Using the same mouse controls, players move Paf and sling him into said seesaw to send the man flying. Unfortunately, the controls are a bit hard to get a hang of as well as the best way to launch the fellow, so we never really did get much distance before he plummeted into the ground.

Skateboard GoodsRegardless, the last little game, Waf Waf Skateboarding proved to be more amusing, as players simple use the arrow keys to skate Paf up and down a half-pipe, sending him absurdly higher and higher. It really only comes down to timing your left and right arrow keys based on the direction you are moving, but it was a bit funny to watch this goofy critter breach the city skyline. Furthermore, like with the first game, new items can be bought or earned and consist of skateboards and performable tricks.

Currently, the English version of Paf le Chien (Waf Waf the Dog) is still relatively new, and only sits around 21,000 monthly active users. However, the amusement of the French original did prove to be very popular at one point with between 6 and 7 million monthly active users, appearing in our November Top 25, and a couple more times in our Top 20 games with the most daily active users. Unfortunately, the game’s popularity has dropped off since them and currently sits around 600,000 monthly actives. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if English audiences will be captivated by this bizarre little animal in the same way.