With This Ring Relaunches

From their press release:

Exactly two weeks after California became the second state in America to legalize same-sex marriage, Feit Publishing Ventures has announced it is revitalizing the development of With This Ring, the world’s first all-inclusive wedding magazine, beginning with a re-launch of the magazine’s website at withthisring-magazine.com.

We caught up with editor Jonathon Feit and asked him a couple of questions about submissions:

FBLA: Do you accept submissions from freelancers?

JF: Yes, absolutely. WITH THIS RING Magazine is, at its heart, a unique brand of community magazine. Although my editors and I will always play a role in producing and “gatekeeping” content, we must rely on contributors to encompass the wide range of thoughts and feelings regarding marriage across-the-board. So freelancing is a must.

FBLA: Is there pay?

JF: I honestly hope there will be. At this point, we’re still raising money — the sooner we have money to print and market properly, the sooner we’ll have money to buy editorial content. Again, it’s a community effort: those would would contribute to the magazine are among the best at helping us generating the necessary buzz, so we very much hope to hear from them.

In the meantime, we hope that freelancers looking for a clip and/or with a story to tell will contribute to the website. Like most web content on young sites, it isn’t paid, but I hope that for most contributors to our kind of site, that it’s the point: the point is to tell the story, since many of the communities we’re reaching out to have been denied the freedom to marry for so long. We celebrate that freedom, and hope they’ll tell us all about it. And send pictures (and video), too!

FBLA: What kind of stories are you looking for?

JF: Literally, just about anything and everything having to do with weddings and the Marriage Equality movement. That can mean:
– romantic anecdotes about the ceremony, honeymoon, or how the couple met;
– stories of personal perseverance in the face of social opposition to GLBT marriage (for example);
– fashion stories and/or photos;
– stories about the politics of Marriage Equality, and where we go from here;
– family memories and traditions.
– stories about the DETAILS of a wedding and building a life (say, product or service recommendations for the Big Day? Or insights into the adopt process?)
– you name it.

JF: Oh, and if you want to include a mention that we LOOOVE making advertising / marketing / cross-promo deals happen with companies that absolutely are dedicated to reaching the liberal-minded wedding marketplace, that’d be swell!