With the President Away, Hollywood Comes to Play

Our insider is stranded at the White House without a press briefing to go to all week, but today finally came close to some excitement…
With most White House regulars currently snoozing on transatlantic flights or holding up the press pool tailing the president on a surprise trip to Baghdad, that left few reporters at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to keep an eye on the crew of ABC television queen Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.”
Filming for Rhimes’s latest project — a show featuring (drumroll, please) a cast of journalists — involved some morning shots of the White House exterior, a keen Mark Knoller of CBS first reported.
An afternoon visit to the North side of the gates only yielded the faulty rumor that Angelina Jolie’s CIA action flick had made a scene earlier in the day. (Most sources say that party had long left D.C.)