With the iPad Delivered, Let 4th Generation iPhone Speculation Begin!

With the iPad successfully launched (depending on whose intepretation of Apple’s 500,000 unit sales you believe), what does a gadget geek have to look forward too now?

– Microsoft Kin 1 and/or 2? Probably not
– HP Slate? If it was built around Android, perhaps. But, Windows 7?
– Any of various new Android phones? Lots of nice phones but nothing earthshaking
– Dell Mini 5 Android tablet? It looks like a potentially interesting device. But, if we are forced to tie it to an AT&T voice & data plan, not so much

Fortunately, Apple has released a new iPhone model every summer (June-July timeframe) for the past three years. So, why should this summer be any different? Apple’s already described what iPhone OS 4.0 will look like. And, if we believe rumors, it looks like late June 2010 will bring the 4th generation iPhone to us. Let the rumors begin!

RUMOR: Apple to unveil next-gen iPhone on June 22