With Social Media, Are You Walking or Just Talking?

It seems every agency these days it touting some sort of social media expertise or offering. But would you trust a PR agency not involved in social media themselves wtih your social media programs?

That’s the question PR Meets Marketing blogger Cece Lee asked in evaluating the social media presence of the O’Dwyer’s list of top 100 independent PR firms.

Lee investigated each firm to see if they had a presence via a Corporate Blog, Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Group and additional resources. Surely this is just one way to measure an agency’s social media prowess, but we find it to be a worthwhile list.

Writes Forrester Research analyst Jeremiah Owyang, “Currently, I get press releases from social media vendors, and often they don’t have a URL, it’s just the release inside of an email. If it’s something important, I’ll share it on twitter and maybe in my digest. There are some vendors that sell social media products and services that make announcements using press releases, without the use of a corporate blog. Going forward, I’ll be mentioning those vendors that aren’t visibly walking the talk -in an industry as new as ours, it’s important to know if they are learning by doing.”