With Nifty, Unwanted Items Can Find a Home with Friends

There’s a free section on Craigslist for the brave. For the rest of us, there’s Nifty. It’s like a match maker for the clutter in your home. Just snap a photo and share it with friends – or, browse and claim some goodies for yourself!

Peter Pistek, Co-Founder of Nifty told us that there’s about 1,000 listings of free items just waiting for a home. To date, there’s been at least 100 exchanges:

The things people offer runs the gamut from kids stuff to exercise equipment, books, clothes, musical instruments, purchase credits, and electronics. Some of the notable items we’ve seen were a full Nordic Track exercise machine, an electric guitar over in the UK, and even an iPhone 4.

Pistek tells us that they are looking to add a request feature where users will have the ability to ask for things. Need a new router? Just post your request and save yourself about $80 (everyone I know has a box of old routers waiting to get tossed). Nifty can also help you clean up your clutter. They are starting “Give-a-thing-a-day Challenge” this week to encourage users to de-clutter everyday.

We want to encourage people to join us in giving, or at least offering to give away, an item every day from now to the 4th of July. We see it as a way to raise awareness of sustainability and remind people of the great options we have to impact others in a positive way through simple acts. The truth is, you genuinely feel better when you do it and see that someone is happy to use what you gave.