With Berlusconi Out, Giulio Malgara Resigns from Venice Biennale

As we speculated on Friday when it was announced that David Chipperfield had been named as next year’s curator for the architecture portion of the Venice Beinnale, there’s been a sudden reversal in last month’s leadership swap within the event’s upper ranks. Robin Pogrebin at the NY Times reports that Giulio Malgara, a food importer who had been hired (presumably due to political patronage) by Silvio Berlusconi to replace long-time and much-beloved Biennale director Paolo Baratta, has now resigned. Given that Berlusconi is now out as well, and that his original hiring was met with such controversy, it’s certainly not a surprise move. Now it’s only a matter of time to find out if Baratta will be staying on past mid-December, when his original contract, and what was suppose to be his final days in the post, expires. Pogrebin reports that “he has also been mentioned as a possible minister of culture” in Italy’s brand new government.

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