With Babies Vs. Design, Babies Will Always Win


Surely inspired by this story in the NY Times a month or so back, “Parent Shock: Children Are Not Decor,” The Independent just published this piece yesterday, “My New Baby Is Destroying My Perfect Designer Home.” It’s simply a series of entries by a self-professed “design-freak-turned-new-mother,” wherein she complains about how her new child isn’t doing its part in keeping her fancy, well-designed home as pretty as possible. While it’s very simple to cast judgement on the people in both stories (the ones in the NY Times piece get off a little easier), reading each with a perpetual “tsk-tsk-tsk” emanating from your mouth, we somewhat understand that that has to be an incredibly difficult transition when your baby first comes home. But christ almighty, why would you ever agree to do a piece in a major newspaper about it?! No matter how positive the light they cast you in, there is absolutely no way to come out of something like this looking anything less than a heartless, materialistic jerk. Case in point:

December 2007: The black high chair has arrived. It is beautiful. The baby is beautiful. The baby looks beautiful in it. More importantly, the room still looks beautiful.

See?! We’re sure she’s a perfectly nice, capable mother, but gah, that quote! And that’s just one of many! So please, let this be a lesson to you design-obsessed, expecting parents, especially those of you who live in fancy houses: if you catch a reporter sniffing around, chase them off or call the police. You don’t need everyone who reads the newspaper hating you.