With 60M Monthly Actives, Outfit7 Hints at Powering Distribution For Other Mobile Developers

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Outfit7 — the Slovenian company behind those popular talking animal apps — especially after the company switched chief executives.

But the company has given a status update today, saying it crossed 225 million downloads and has 60 million monthly active users. That’s triple the number of monthly actives it had at the beginning of the year and the company’s growing at roughly 20 million downloads per month.

“The second hundred million has actually come twice as fast our first hundred,” said the company’s chairman Narry Singh. (That’s not actually too surprising for any highly ranked developer given that Apple had cumulatively sold 250 million iOS devices into this month, up from 160 million cumulatively sold during its January earnings call. And Android has gotten to 190 million devices activated this month, up from 100 million in May. So with both platforms nearly doubling devices activated or sold in about a year, you’d expect to see acceleration in the pace of downloads for any top-ranked developer.)

The company now has 40 employees with a headquarters in Cyprus, plus offices in Silicon Valley and Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the company was originally founded. Outfit7, like many other independent, mid-size developers, has an unusual story. It was a group of highly-technical search engineers that happened to stumble into creating character apps.

In the beginning of this year, the company harbored ambitions that it could become the next Hasbro or Mattel with beloved characters that it could license out into other mediums like what Finland’s Rovio Mobile has been doing. The company has yet to announce a big merchandising or licensing deal but says that it has some coming soon.

In the meantime, Outfit7 has shied away from taking funding to step on the gas pedal, instead relying on its own organic revenue to feed growth. Its chief executive at the time, Andrej Nabergoj, stepped down and is said to be working on his next company, also in the mobile apps space. The company’s co-founder Samo Login has stepped up in his place.

In a call on Friday, Singh seemed to emphasize that Outfit7 is now looking to capitalize on its large footprint with users.

“We’re at a point of inflection where we’re at a meaningful critical mass,” Singh said. “Distribution on our network is becoming powerful and it could be something that we could provide to third-party developers. That is the significance our milestone.”