Wirelessly Transfer Music From PCs to Android Phones

I can’t resist writing this, Android has caught up to Windows Phone 7 in one feature, wireless transfer of music between desktop computers and phones. While Windows Phone 7 has built-in support for transfering music via WiFi with the Zune Desktop software, the functionality can be added to Android phones with third party software.

To start wirelessly transfering music right now you will need to install the beta version of Winamp, which is available in the Android Market, and the desktop version of Winamp on our PC. In addition to providing WiFi synchronization, Winamp for Android also supports SHOUTcast Internet Radio and widgets.

Another option is top use doubleTwist, which also provides WiFi synchronization, or what they are calling AirSync, between the Android version of doubleTwist and the desktop app. Airsync works with the Windows and Mac versions of doubleTwist, and both can interface with iTunes to provide synchronization of iTunes with Android phones. doubleTwist is also available for free in the Android Market.