Wireless Charging Gets a Boost of Support from Starbucks and Google

Duracell’s wireless power consortium, PMA (Power Matters Alliance) announced that it has obtained some important partners in its wireless power ventures. Google, AT&T, and Starbucks have recently joined PMA’s wireless mission, not to mention government board observers the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and Energy Star.

Wireless charging devices currently exists in small pockets of technological utopias, but imagine every surface as a possible wireless charging station for all of your mobile devices. Since Starbucks announced that it was embedding Duracell Powermats into tables at 17 of its Boston locations, support for PMA’s wireless power has tripled in the past month.

As part of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Industry Connections program, the PMA is fleshing out a suite of standards that provide advanced wireless power – called ‘Power 2.0’ – and encouraging its expanding roster of partners to adopt and deploy charging products to market that comply with the new universal specifications.



With major funding and backers, wireless power stations could be a standard feature of our everyday experience. The technology is not new, but if you (like me) are not familiar with inductive coupling or electromagnetic fields, be sure to check Battery University’s detailed explanation.