Wired Will Be Priced Lower On iPad Than In Print

Wired UK editor David Rowan had quite an interesting conversation with AudioBoo’s Mark Rock about the magazine’s plans for expanding into the iPad come next month.

Rowan shared that he believes apps in general are “exciting, transformative, disruptive,” and that Wired is particularly excited about the upcoming iPad and the task of “repurposing” a print magazine for the device. They are, he says, seeking to curate and produce a “monthly artifact” that will be multimedia instead of print and “static.”

A few options we have to look forward to with the launch of Wired‘s digital version include the ability to scroll 360 degrees around an image, watch embedded videos in stories (and, presumably, ads), and the ability to animate graphics on the screen.

Rowan also says the digital magazine will fare better than “online magazines” because there will be a more user-friendly interface and a much more high-quality experience than merely text and images on a page.

As for price points, Rowan hints that the iPad version of the magazine will be than its printed counterpart, but “a bit more than zero.”