‘Wired’ Targets Maker Movement With Online Design Vertical

'ReadyMade' cofounder Shoshana Berger to oversee launch

Wired today launched a new vertical, Wired Design, which will highlight the burgeoning "creator economy" while showing off the redesign that the site will soon begin rolling out.

The section will cover everything from influential designers and cool infographics to the best (and worst) new products. Regular columns will include “After the IPO: Pimp Object of the Day” (in which Wired writers will share “stuff we’d like to own, when the stock options vest”); “Kickstarter Project of the Week,” and for the more traditionalist design fans, “Wait, We Still Like Paper!” The how-to junkies of the design world will appreciate the section’s heavily service-minded approach, thanks to advice columns like “You Suck At ___” and “Skills to Pay the Bills.”

The launch is being overseen by Shoshana Berger, Wired’s director of editorial development and the co-founder of DIY magazine ReadyMade. Other contributors section will include Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson; Caterina Fake, cofounder of Flickr and chairman of the board at DIY e-commerce mecca Etsy; and MythBusters co-host Adam Savage.

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