WIRED Magazine for iPad Updated: Give Them Credit for Making Changes

WIRED’s first e-magazine app for the iPad was surprisingly well-received despite its gigantic size (more than half-a-gigabyte), high price ($4.99), and single-issue in an app approach. WIRED just released a new app that addresses these issues to a greater or lesser degree.
WIRED Magazine (iTunes App Store)
– Size: 340MB vs. 500+MB (July vs. June issue)
– Price: App is free, issues are $3.99
– Issues are now in-app purchases instead of each issue being in its own app
I still haven’t finished reading through the first (June) issue. So, I’m going to hold off trying the app and, perhaps, buying the July issue as an in-app purchase. My belief is that the sweet spot for e-magazine prices on the iPad is 99 cents or $1.99. $3.99 is still too high.
Via All Things Digital: Wired’s iPad App Boasts a New Feature: A Price Cut