Wired In Full


If you’ll recall Alissa’s recent post about the Wired re-design, you’ll enjoy this companion piece, a complete review over at Crit, wherein they really lay into the new model of the magazine. They like some of it, like the new color coded sections and the larger illustration credits, but there’s much more they dislike, the new uses of different typefaces for example:

In some places the typography doesn’t feel like the soul of Wired we’ve come to think of, either. Of course, the typefaces they are using are nice ones, but how they come together with photography in the overall page layouts makes for a duller edge then the old Wired. In some cases it looks more conservative, in others, the typography looks like it’s more influenced by 1990s sensibilities then what is new today. Looking over past issues, there are some beautiful two page spread feature openers that are really bold, attractive, and memorable, sometimes done in a very simple way. In general, the magazine seems more timid somehow.