Wired Goes All Out for Star Wars Cover

Let the over-analyzation begin!

WIRED_Dec2015_2100pxWired’s Star Wars issue features one hell of a Star Wars cover. The tri-panel illustration of the Millennium Falcon was created exclusively for Wired by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the team behind Star Wars’s visual effects.

As for the Falcon’s look, ILM senior art director Christian Alzmann gave Star Wars nerds something to discuss.

“The big change on the Falcon is that radar dish, because it was knocked off in Return of the Jedi through some of Lando’s close-quarters flying,” Alzmann told Wired. “As far as the rest of the Falcon goes, we had a whole crew that went up to the archives and saw the original five-foot model from Empire. So the textures are from the original, pretty much. I’m sure our artists put a lot of love into it and fixed anything they found troublesome.”