Wired.com Passes 1 Billion Page Views

That's a lot of views.

Wired.com has enjoyed one hell of a year. February was Wired.com’s biggest traffic month ever, with 46 million uniques, and now the site just passed one billion page views.

As you might have guessed, Wired editor Scott Dadich was quite pleased.

“This astounding achievement is a fitting way to wrap up 2015,” Dadich wrote in a memo to staffers. “When we revamped Wired.com in March, we were hopeful that our community would react positively to the changes that we made, and that our editors would have a better set of tools to tell amazing stories. And that’s just what happened! Wired.com has smashed every traffic record in the history of our brand through the focus, perseverance, and collaboration of our entire team.”