Wired Co-founder Kevin Kelly Sees Future In eBooks

Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired has a new book out called What Technology Wants, available in both eBook and print form. The author told Publisher’s Weekly that this may be his last print book.

Kelly said in an interview: “I’m really happy with what Penguin has done…as an artifact, it’s beautiful. But this is probably my last paper-native book, because the attention has fallen elsewhere. That’s basically the only reason—because people, young people especially, are spending more and more of their time on things that are happening on screens, and if you want to reach people, that’s really where you should be looking. It’s not for a lack of love for books, it’s just necessary because the center of culture has moved.”

For Kelly, the eBook is not the surprise, the surprise is the fact that it took 20 years for people to adopt eBooks. Kelly is also not concerned that digital publishing wil put publisher out of business.

He continued: “I do think there are a lot of functions publishers won’t be handling anymore. But I don’t think publishers and labels and studios are going away. There is a financing aspect which I think is still necessary. And there’s also curation, and finding young, new talent, and bringing it forward and saying, “This work is worth paying attention to.”

To read the entire interview, follow this link.