Wired and Ready To Rock

The September issue of Wired spins the whole file-sharing-killed-the-music-industry yarn into a beautiful, optimistic sweater of artistic renewal.

Leave it to a magazine built on the shiny rainbowed skin of the dot-com bubble to call the music-industry collapse good news. But, we have to admit, they’re pretty convincing.

Albums are no longer confined to 13 songs with a single release date and a tidy little album cover. Instead — between leaked songs, mashups and YouTube parodies — an album becomes a “long shelf of songs and products, each carrying its own release date, distribution path, and price tag. In the end, fans can create their own versions of the album, stringing fave songs and remixes into one ideal playlist.”

Beck even tells the mag that he’d like to figure out a way to present his music that allows fans not only to remix the songs, but play them like a video game.

This all sounds terribly exciting, but Wired is good at sounding exciting. We wonder: If innovation fails to save the music industry in a few years, will Wired be singing a different tune?