Wire Services Cut Out the Middle Man?

Straight to the consumer! That model has seemed to work well for Dell, until recently. But does it also work for PR?

The wire services say yes, and according to several respected bloggers, are justified in doing so.

So, can you just hit the send button and be done with it? Not exactly. As we all know, it’s all about the relationships, and these cannot be created just by using a wire service.

That being said, the wires are getting better every day with regards to search engine optimization (SEO) and getting client news on influential news aggregators like Techmeme, whose founder Gabe Rivera recently told blogger Richard MacManus that some press releases, “are in fact remarkable reads.” Of course, you’re always welcome to chime in. In lieu of comments, which we promise are coming soon, drop us a line and we’ll post your take.

UPDATE: Tom Becktold, SVP, Marketing, Business Wire has responded to the original post on ReadWriteWeb.