Winning Papal Altar Design Has Priests Riled Up


Interesting story about a strange little design contest: the students at Catholic University’s School of Architecture were asked to come up with designs for an altar to be used during the Pope’s visit to Washington D.C. Two students in the program, Ryan Mullen and John-Paul Mikolajczyk, won the prize. So that’s interesting enough, having to construct something for a Pope, because that’s a cool, interesting thing to say you’ve done, and you can read all about it in the school’s press release. But what we really enjoyed was over at The Chronicle for Higher Education‘s site, who had put a little bit about the prize winners and their design. We scrolled down a little and found a handful of wonderful comments, like the one below, which hopefully will continue, because there’s nothing better than a priest yelling about architecture and then people yelling back at a priest:

If this is the best that Catholic University’s School of Architecture and Planning has to offer, then it is little wonder that the architectural design of churches and sanctuaries in the USA is in such a deplorable state today.

“…Monsignor Barry Knestout…praised the winning design for its ‘delicacy and elegance.” DELICACY?? Give me an altar with some SUBSTANCE. This is supposed to be an altar for sacrifice, not a floating ironing board.

— Fr Arsenius Jan 29, 02:28 PM

Even if that isn’t a real priest, which we really do doubt, we still love it because it reminds us of some of the priests this writer had at Catholic School. Oh, the times.