Winner of the UnBeige ‘Best Press Release of the Year Award’


Another little bit of fun. So, for background, you remember the other day when we posted the transcript of Bruce Nussbaum‘s speech at the Royal College of Art? Okay, well now, a week later we run across this just-issued press release from a company called Design Force Inc, “Business Week ‘Innovations’ Design Blog Posts Comments from Design Force President.” Read that again, if the funny/weird doesn’t jump out at you right away. Or we can just summarize it for you: the company issued a lengthy press release saying that its president posted a comment on a blog. Though, in their defense for this totally bizarre move, Nussbaum’s story was about getting CEOs to try new things, so maybe this is just the first step, with issuing statements to the press about completely news-less things. Who knows, maybe next week we’ll get a press release from them that reads, “Design Force President To Buy New Socks.” Because with Web 2.0, you can’t ever have too much information.