WinMo Gets Netflix App

Looks like Netflix wants to make sure that its 10 million members are never far away from their accounts. The movie rental service, which credits online viewing for much of its recent success, has signed off on the first official Netflix app for Windows Mobile phones.

Windows Mobile app developer Spb Software says it worked closely with both Microsoft and Netflix on the Mobile Manager for Netflix.

The on-device app hooks into the Netflix Web service, giving users access to the full Netflix library from their cell phone, complete with all the movie info. Netflix members can also manage their DVD and Instant queues on the handset. According to Spb, Mobile Manager for Netflix has one unique feature that won’t be found on other mobile Netflix clients: the ability to play movie trailers on the handset.

A company called Next Mobile Web offers Phoneflix, a Netflix app for the iPhone, that can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Spb’s Mobile Manager for Netflix is available for download here.