Winery Stunt Offers a $10k Per Month Job to Tweet & Facebook

Murphy-Goode Winery’s publicity stunt begins broadly today, as candidates compete for a 6-month, $10,000 a month job by submitting one-minute video entries to They’re looking for someone to live rent free at the vineyard, and manage their Facebook and Twitter presence. Locals got a one day head start by visiting a San Francisco hotel yesterday to pick up a special code for the site.

It’s a great publicity stunt that began slowly till Mashable got a hold of it, prompting over 800 direct retweets on Twitter, countless more mentions causing “Get Paid $10k a Month” to trend right along with the Swine Flu.

The announcement hit Murphy-Goode’s Facebook page on April 21st, and was followed by a press release the next day.

The video above features beautiful b-roll from Sonoma, and wraps up with a guy–presumably the owner–saying the URL with hot chicks on either arm. So not necessary.

We wonder why the vineyard is walling off the entries till they pick their top 50, and not pumping them to Facebook via YouTube, and letting the people decide who’s the best. It would boost the Fan count far beyond its current 147; it would be a user-generated lovefest. Regardless, bottoms-up, cheers, chin-chin and salute for the clever stunt that married two white-hot topics: Twitter and jobs.