Windows Releases Blink Camera App For Burst Mode Photography

Microsoft Research has developed an app for photographers who have an affinity for fast-moving subjects. The Blink app takes 16 photos for every click of your shutter button. Burst mode is a common feature in DSLR cameras, so it’s a great app for Windows 8 photographers.

The app uses image stabilization technology to remove undesirable motion blur, and the resulting photo set is shown in a timeline that you can ‘scrub’ back and forth to view each frame. Users can choose to keep their best shot or all 16 photos. The set itself can be great for creating stop-motion Gifs using GIFPAL. Watch a tutorial of the new app below.

Blackberry and Nokia has released similar burst features, but Windows’ Blink app is more focused on giving users the maximum amount of photos per shot. There’s hardly any additional options, so if you are a Photoshop whiz, you can potentially edit and montage your photos outside of the app.