Windows Phone’s New Media Hub and Smart DJ in Mango Release Previewed

Microsoft’s first major Windows Phone update is at least several months away. However, they are priming the pump and describing what we can expect. The Windows Phone Blog provides a preview of the Music +Video hub and an explanation why the over-the-air podcast feature will only be integrated in the U.S. release.

A tour of the new Music +Video Hub

Here’s what is new in the Mango Music +Video Hub (let’s call it a “media hub” as shorthand).

– Search for podcasts directly on the phone
– Specify searches for just audio or just video podcasts
– Stream podcasts directly from Microsoft’s Marketplace
– Subscribe to podcasts on the phone
– Download individual episodes instead of subscribing to every one

Smart DJ
– Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Genius Playlist
– The Smart DJ works with Microsoft’s Zune Pass subscription service providing millions of pontential trakcs for a mix