Windows Phone & Xbox 360 Game Interactivity Demoed: Interesting, But Not Real-time

Earlier this year, Microsoft demonstrated software for the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone that let the two devices interact in real-time during game play.

XBox 360, Kinect, & Windows Phone (concept): More Than Avatars on a Phone

It doesn’t look like they are quite ready to ship that kind of multi-platform interactivity. However, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop reports at least one new Xbox LIVE game for Windows Phone “Mango” will have limited interactivity and data transfer between the Xbox 360 console and a phone running Windows Phone “Mango.”

Video: Microsoft bridges Xbox, Windows Phone games via Kinect and QR codes

Data is transferred between the two devices using QR Code images The Windows Phone app reads a QR Code on the TV connected to the Xbox 360. And, the Xbox 360 Kinect camera(s) read the QR Code on a Windows Phone device’s screen. Microsoft also demoed an augmented reality (AR) aspect where a Kinectimals’ virtual animal can be overlaid and manipulated on top of a Windows Phone camera image.

Video courtesy of GeekWire