Windows Phone Marketplace Crosses 3500 Apps

The Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace is growing at a nice rate, and appears to have grown to over 3500 apps, according to the website The size of a smartphone’s app store is an indicator of developer adoption of the smarthphone platform, and while a store may have many redundant and functionally simple apps, a large app catalog also means there is a higher chance the app that you want is available.

If you own a Windows Phone you might want to bookmark the WP7Applist web site, as it provides a very nice way to browse through the Marketplace from a desktop web browser. Another bonus is that the site provides RSS feeds for all new apps, new free apps, and new paid apps, which for me is a great way to learn about new apps as I rely heavily on Google Reader.

WP7Applist apparently gathers information from the Marketplace to present it on it’s own web site, and it uses Microsoft Tag to simplify the process of installing apps on the phone. Tag is Microsoft’s version of QR codes, which Android users are familiar with using to direct their phones to apps in the Android Market. You need to install the free Microsoft Tag app on your phone, then after it is installed you simply take a picture of the graphic provided on the WP7Applist web site. The Tag app on the phone opens a URL in Internet Explorer, which utimately gets you to the app in the Marketplace, where you can then install it. The process of going from picture to app in the Marketplace is not as seamless as on Android.