Windows Phone Mango “Groups”: Text, IM, Email to Defined Groups

Some of the most important communication features on smartphones are surprisingly one-to-one in nature: Voice calls, SMS (texting) and IM (Instant Messaging) for example. The Mango update for Windows Phone due out later this year adds a much needed feature to make all modes of communication able to deal with one-to-many and many-to-you communication. Microsoft calls this feature “Groups.”

You contacts can be placed into various groups such as family, teams, or co-workers. A group of contacts can be placed on a Live Tile on the Windows Phone home screen. You can see status updates for just that group by selecting the group’s Live Tile. You can also send text messages, email, or IM to the entire group.

Windows Phone’s “Groups” feature in the Mango update will be a very welcome feature. It may even encourage people to take a look at the platform.