Windows Phone Bests Android in User Satisfaction According to ChangeWave

AppleInsider focused on ChangeWave’s survey data that indicates that Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices are the number one preference for potential buyers (46%) with Android placing second at 32%.

46% of smartphone buyers prefer Apple’s iOS, 32% choose Google Android

Android and iOS were tied at first place for the last two survey periods of 2010 (37/38% & 35/36%). However, the preference for Apple’s iOS popped in 2011 after the iPhone 4 became available on Verizon Wireless’ network. RIM’s BlackBerry, plummeted from its number 1 preference ranking in December 2008 (32%) all the way down to 4%.

ChangeWave’s survey data, however, also includes post-purchase satisfaction rating information. Again, Apple’s iOS leads with 70% saying they are “very satisfied.” 50% of Android users give it that rating. If ChangeWave’s survey data is accurate, RIM has a lot to work about. Only 26% of BlackBerry users reported being very satisfied.

Microsoft’s data is a bit oddly reported since ChangeWave apparently chose to combine the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone satisfaction ratings for the published chart. ChangeWave does, however, break out the data in the report text. While Windows Mobile had a dismal 14% of its users reporting being very satisfied, 57% of Windows Phone users gave it that rating. This is higher than the 50% of Android users who reported being very satisfied.

New Survey: Consumer Smart Phones – Apple vs. Google Android