Windows Phone 7 & Zune Desktop Software: Finally a Good Sync Story After Nearly 2 Decades?

Gone are Windows CE Services, ActiveSync (aka ActiveStink), and WMDC that have served and sometimes plagued Windows CE/Windows Mobile device users. I noted yesterday that Microsoft’s first Mac connector product (still in beta) is working quite well for me. The next step was to install the current Zune desktop software on a PC running Windows 7 (32-bit version).

Download Zune Software

Syncing a Windows Phone 7 device using the Zune software on a Windows PC has the advantage of being able to purchase media through the Zune Market as well as take advantage of the Zune Pass subscription service. I signed up for a 14-day free trial to get a feel for it and make sure Zune Pass media could be synced with Windows Phone 7 (it can and does). I didn’t see any obvious problems during a couple of syncing sessions with the PC. However, later my Mac noted I had synced with another computer and asked if I really wanted to sync with it (I guess it felt cheated? 🙂 It took nearly two decades, but it looks like Microsoft has a reasonable mobile sync story to tell in 2010.

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