Windows Phone 7 Updates for Venue Pro & HD7 May Appear Soon. Updates for Other Devices Still in Testing

Windows Phone 7’s long awaited NoDo update is finally showing up on a unbranded phones. My take on this is summed up in the item I wrote just yesterday.

NoDo Update for Windows Phone Slinking Out: But Odds of You Getting It? Slim to None

Microsoft’s Eric Hautala must be hearing comments like mine a lot because hours later, he wrote:

“Copy and paste” update status

He points out a new Microsoft webpage that provides update status information by location, vendor and model.

Where’s my phone update?

You can see the table it generated for U.S. Windows Phones to the left. The Dell Venue Pro and HTC HD7, both sold by T-Mobile in the U.S., will get the updates first according to the status table. Both the February (updater update) and March (NoDo) updates are shown as still in “testing” for other phones available in the U.S.

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