Windows Phone 7: The 5 Design Principles for Metro UI

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 features a home screen graphical user interface that is unique among current generation smartphones. You can see its Metro UI on the HTC HD7 (right in the photo) compared to a Nexus One running Android OS 2.2 (left in the photo). Anyone who used the earlier Windows Mobile devices were probably shocked when they saw Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI for the first time (I know I was). Microsoft’s Mike Kruzeniski, a member of the Windows Phone Design Team, provide some insight into how Metro UI came to be:

From Transportation to Pixels

The main design principles were:

1. Clean, Light, Open and Fast
2. Alive in Motion
3. Celebrate Typography
4. Content, Not Chrome
5. Authentically Digital

Anyone who has used Windows Phone 7 can point out examples of these design principles on their phone.