Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator Gives Us A Better Picture

If you aren’t turned off by all of the negative news about Windows Phone 7 Series that came out this week, and you are eager to learn all you can about this new mobile phone software from Microsoft, you will find several videos and screenshots done by PocketNow using the emulator that is part of the developer tools.

In PocketNow’s video of the e-mail program, I notice that the account options include Facebook and Yahoo. Facebook doesn’t have the greatest e-mail function, so I find it interesting that it is included, no doubt that is a sign of how integrated Facebook may be with Windows Phone 7. The emulator shows a pretty small screen for the emulated Windows Phone 7 device, and I notice that with the keyboard expanded while composing a message the keyboard takes up most of the screen, not leaving much room for seeing the message as you write.

I haven’t been able to find a listing of all of PocketNow’s videos on Windows Phone 7, so here is a list with links:

Tiles and Hubs (Or, the Start Screen)

E-mail, Text Messaging, and Calendar

Pictures, Zune and Xbox

Device and Application Settings

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint